Let's get more acquainted, shall we?

First Impressions
Please have my consideration on the bathroom counter in an unsealed envelope prior to my entrance or presented discreetly within the first 10 minutes of meeting. Never make me ask for it, it ruins the moment.
Public Dates:, Please present it inside a card or small gift bag.
*Consideration is for my time and companionship only.*
Discretion is paramount for me. While I do NOT provide face photos, I do end communication with anyone who asks me or acts as though it is their expectation. I would very much rather meet someone who is respectful of my honest, accurate, and up to date visuals.

You may NOT record any audio or visual media content on any device and at any time. You may NOT use my visuals as your own or create profiles without my consent either (I do research this often).

Outcall Dates:
Any technology that is capable of capturing audio or visuals must be turned off, covered, or tucked away. If we will be meeting at a location of your preference, please be mindful of my privacy prior to our date.

Why, yes I do. Please let me know if you are interested in booking one of my wonderful girlfriends with me!

Your Generosity

Gratuity for my time is preferred and appreciated in cash only. If you're reducing your carbon footprint, I do accept Bitcoin as well. Digital donations of any kind must be fully taken care of prior to our engagement.

Cleanliness is sexy...

..and mandatory. After leaving your consideration, please wash your hands. I am not a "Germaphobe" per se, but you may have recently touched doorknobs, elevator buttons, a cute yorkie, etc.

You are more than welcome to use shower facilities at any moment during our time together.

Unscented shampoo and cleanser is provided. While I may light scented candles and wear a hint of perfume, please let me know if no fragrance is what you prefer. Glitter is never worn at any time, I am very mindful of this given you may have somewhere else to be next.

Please be sure to mention if you'd like to bring Wine, Rosé or bubbly for us to share together.

*EPPA Organic Sangria (Red or White)

*Cabernet Sauvignon

If you have a feeling that we may be extending, please be sure to arrive prepared and note this may be of interest during scheduling. Mentioning this possibility before we meet is the best way to ensure my availability.

Should time seem to escape during our date and my schedule allow us to enjoy more of each others' company, I would be delighted to extend.

Cancellation Policy
Cancelling or rescheduling is appreciated with a minimum of 24 hours. If you must cancel last minute, a 50% fee goes towards our future date and is required before rescheduling. Failure to pay this fee ends our acquaintance. As a selective, low-volume provider, cancelling last-minute can be especially disrespectful and will be taken into consideration when making future arrangements.
Love Letters
My email is the best way to get in touch with me, I have two of them just in case! The only emails I use is encrypted and hosted off-shore where blind dates are loved, legal, and welcomed. If my phone number has been shared with you or provided on my profile, please keep this private for use when we meet.

Personal Email: